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Haikou Legend
UpdateTime:2012-11-06 author: source:Haikou tourism development committee

Legend has it that,in the time immemorial,the east and west lakes of Haikou were a mysterious deep pond covered in mist where five young dragons were growing.One thousand years later,the five dragons became immortals,yet wereseriously constrained by the pond ,One day,the water surged up and the five huge dragons rose into the sky by riding on the clouds.They looked down to search for a better place and found the four vast seas in the east,west,south and north as well as rolling waves in the yangtze River and Yellow River.So the five dragons parted,with four of them going to the four seas and the last one going into the yangtze and Yellow rivers.The deep pond was then called Haikou,literally meaning "sea mouth".Today,the sand and soil carried by Nandu River flowing down from the Wuzhi Mountain and other riers and streams have already filled up the deep pond ,leaving behind only the east and west lakes near the old town.As the place where rivers and streams met before they joined the sea,Haikou were regarded by ancient people as being blessed by Heaven.