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Hele Crab
UpdateTime:2012-11-06 author: source:Haikou tourism development committee

    Produced in the sea of hainan , paste complete and meat is fat, plants rarely for other crabs, specially its fat,  plants rarely for other crabs, specially its fat, golden yellow glossy, especially like the heart of salt duck egg, the fragrance greets the nostrils, the nutrition is rich. The eating way of Hele crab is diverse, the most common cook way is steams, dips the Ginger, garlic, vinegar, the original taste and flavour, beautifully in it. Compares with inland river crab, has two characteristics of Hele crab: One is the fat nearly entire turns round in the top plate, the paste nature is strong; But inland river crab paste nature rotten is soft, for massive, the quantity compares obviously with Hele crab. The other is the inland river crab pulp is superior but measures many. The Hele crab comes from the pure south China sea, may be called in the sea which is accepted by the populace the valuable thing.