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2020 Haikou Air Quality Highest of Last 5 Years
UpdateTime:2021-02-07 author:Nicki Johnson source:HICN

Good news! This just out from the Haikou Ministry of Ecology and Environment: In 2020, there were 361 “blue sky days” in Haikou, meeting the Three Year Action Plan target, and the annual PM 2.5 concentration levels met China’s first-class standards for the first time. In fact, Haikou’s air quality in 2020 was the best it’s been over the last five years!

In 2020, Haikou’s comprehensive air quality statistics were the best of the “13th Five Year Plan” period, reaching “excellent” levels 98.6% of the year and topping the list at #1 out of China’s 168 key cities.
An official responsible for atmospheric studies at the Haikou Ministry of Ecology and Environment stated: “Haikou’s concentration of particulate matter has been low since 2013, and PM 2.5 & PM 10 levels continue to drop annually.”


In recent years, Haikou has continued to strengthen supervision and regulation of major sources of pollution, with continued robust pollution emergency response measures. Regional joint pollution prevention and control and scientifically optimized adjustments to industrial, energy source, transportation, and land use structures have achieved improvements in air quality, while also helping Haikou keep moving along the high-quality green development path.