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China leiqiong Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark
UpdateTime:2012-11-06 author: source:Haikou tourism development committee

    With an area of 108 km2, China Leiqiong Global Geopark(Haikou Scenic-Shishan Volxanic Cluster) is spread in Shishan Town and Yongxing Town,15 km southwest from the center of Hailkou City.
    Possessing more than 40 Quaternary volcanoes,the Geopark boasts the variety of volcanoes,the grotesqueness of lava tunnels,all are volcanic wonders,rarely seen anywhere.Volcanoes,formed ten thousand years ago and volcanic stone culture,started a thousand years ago,fused together with tropical vegetation flora,all have created a particular geopark in tropical city,which characterized by volcanic landscape,tropical ecology and volcanic stone culture.
  Having concentrated sightseeing throngh the mystical volcano,ecological and cultural experiencing,science popularizing and scientific investigation,recreation and vacationg in anintegrity,the Geopark became a new type of tour destinaton,also a specific brabd in Hainan international tourist island.
    It belongs to China and the world as well as to Hainan Province.

Introduction to Maanling Crater Scenic Area

   Mt.Maanling(Saddle) Crater Scenic Area,as a mark scenic area for the Shishan Vclcanic Cluster Geopark,consists of two major volcanoes-Mt,Fengluling(Furnace) and Mt,Baoziling.It looks like a saddle,hence the name.There are two parasitic volcanoes beside called Mt.Yanjingling.Four volcanoes made up a volcanic family.
    There are numerous scenic spots in the area such as Basalt Garden,Corridor of amusing rocks,lava flow,grotesque Pahoehoe flow,mystical craters and volcanc stone implements,which fused with banyan trees,wild pineappls and tropic orchards,remarkably presenting the beauty and grotesqueness of volcano in tropical environment.