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Try fresh seafood in Haikou Million People Seafood Square
UpdateTime:2020-05-03 author:Ding Xin source:hihainan
Hainanese love seafood and people who come to Hainan also love eating seafood here. Where can visitors eat fresh and delicious seafood in Haikou? Million People Seafood Square is one of the places that visitors must give it a try!
Million People Seafood Square is a well-known brand of Hainan tourism. It was put into operation on April 27, 2017, located on the west side of Longkun South Road Extension Line, Haikou City, with a construction area of about 43,000 square meters. It is a seafood catering place with a collection of the seafood supermarket, the dining area which accepts customers' materials for processing, restaurants, the collecting and distributing area, ecological parking lot, children's playground, and other supporting facilities. Million People Seafood Square can accommodate 10,800 people at the same time with a comfortable environment and delicious food. Thus, tourists may experience good service in all aspects.
With its special business philosophy and quality service, it is well-received by visitors and local citizens.
Prawns, groupers, crabs, and shellfish of all kinds, attract people to come and dine in Million People Seafood Square.
Don't worry about seats, Million People Seafood Square is spacious with a total area of about 43,000 square meters. It can accommodate more than 10,000 people dining at the same time.
Tasting fresh seafood at a reasonable price, Million People Seafood Square is the place that customers may enjoy the delicious dishes and have a good time.