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Update: North Hainan Food Festival in Haikou on Dec 18-28
UpdateTime:2014-12-18 author: source:Visit Hainan

Originally planned for December 5-8, the North Hainan Food Festival will now be held from Dec. 18-28th. The festival is one of the many exciting activities planned as part of the Hainan Carnival, and celebrates the cuisine of North Hainan. It will be held in Haikou's Baishamen Park (located at the north end of Haidian Island). 
During the North Hainan Food Festival, Baishamen Park will be filled with booths selling all kinds of tasty Hainanese cuisine, souvenirs, and art. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of North Hainan culture, and do a little shopping while you are at it! 
Baishamen Park features meandering streams crossed by quaint wooden and and stone bridges, large grassy fields, forests, a lake with paddleboats, Baishamen Beach, large grassy fields popular with kite enthusiasts and dog owners, a variety of rides including a large ferris wheel and roller coaster, exercise equipment, a snack and souvenir street, and more. It is popular with local residents as well as tourists. The park's main entrance is at the intersection of Renmin and 6th streets.