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Life shimmers with color in the Haikou Bay area
UpdateTime:2023-05-23 author: source:HICN

The scenery in Haikou looks like it came right out of an art gallery, and along the long Haikou Bay coast there are so many incredible sights to see. Historic and cultural venues, landmarks old and new - there’s something for everyone to love. The life of the city pulses here as people stroll, cycle, read, enjoy performances, feast on the local cuisine, shop, and enjoy themselves on the shore. Haikou overflows with the energy of the island, with fashion, and the joy of the people who call this vibrant city their home.
Haikou glows after the sun goes down
Development around Haikou Bay began in 2019, turning both banks of Haidian River into coastal parks, creating more waterfront spaces for relaxing, and linking urban landmarks such as Haikou’s Historic Qilou Street, the Haikou Clock Tower, Century Bridge, Wormhole Library, Evergreen park, Sky Mountain, and Dongpo Old Pier Commercial Street.

Sunset in Haikou Bay. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily]

Haikou Clock Tower light show. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily]

Lights illuminate Century Bridge. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily]

Rowing along the West Coast. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Walking on Sky Mountain. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Boating across Haikou Bay. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Healing the heart with the Haikou arts scene and retail therapy 
Haikou’s arts venues are getting better and better. The Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center located on Haikou Bay, the Wuyuanhe Stadium on the west coast, Haikou Century Park, and Haikou International Duty Free City have become popular places to enjoy a bit of culture or get in some retail therapy. Performances, camps, street markets, and other events add to the city’s modern, artsy vibe. 

Haikou International Duty Free City. [Photo: Chen Yuancai/Hainan Daily] 

A performance at the Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Enjoying a late-night picnic in Haikou Century Park. [Photo: Wang Chenglong/Hainan Daily] 

Moving to the beat of the city
On the weekend, Haikou’s Century Park is bustling with activity. Over here, frisbees arc through the air, and over there, skateboards whiz along the ramps. Once a rare sight in China, outdoor sports and activities like paddle boarding, urban cycling, frisbee, skateboarding, and even baseball are all gaining popularity here, in part thanks to the well-planned wide-open green spaces and waterways of Haikou Bay and the West Coast, which provide the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of outdoor fun in peaceful, natural  settings right in the middle of the city. 

Doing yoga at Sky Mountain. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily]

Playing frisbee on a soccer field in Evergreen Park. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Doing wheelies in Haikou’s Century Park. [Photo: Zhang Mao/Hainan Daily] 

Sea breezes make everything taste better
As darkness slowly falls, both sides of Haikou Bay start to sparkle with colorful lights, and the restaurants, bars, and night markets along the bay begin to buzz. As the sea breezes gently cool you down from the excitement of the day, crack open a bottle of beer and have a good talk with friends both old and new. Grab a few skewers of BBQ and sit back to taste the real flavor of Haikou. No matter whether you were born and raised in this neighborhood, or you’ve just arrived on these shores, these city nights and bright lights were made just for you. 

Getting a bite to eat at the Hainan University South Gate Night Market. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Getting the perfect photo on the shore of Haikou Bay. [Photo: Li Tianping/Hainan Daily] 

Shopping at night market on the lawn outside the Wormhole Library. [Photo: Feng Shuo/Hainan Daily]