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Haikou Meilan Airport plans to open 12 international routes in January
UpdateTime:2015-01-24 author: source:WOS

Haikou Meilan Airport is planning to open 12 international air routes in January with a total of 438 aircraft movements.  

These flights include: 

Haikou-Guangzhou-Seoul route (daily; 62 times),  

Taiyuan-Haikou-Singapore route (Mon, Wed and Fri; 24 times),  

Haikou-Nanning-Bangkok route (Mon, Wed and Sat; 26 times),  

Haikou-Singapore-Perth route (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun; 34 times),  

Singapore-Haikou route (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; 28 times), 

Haikou-Bangkok route (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; 4 times),  

Haikou-Seoul route (Wednesday and Saturday; 18 times),  

Incheon-Haikou route (Thursday and Sunday), 

Haikou-Fusan route (twice per week; 16 times), 

Haikou-Hong Kong route (twice/three times per day; 114 times), 

Haikou-Taipei route (daily; 62 times)